Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mi-Toi's Most Electrifying Man "Shock"

Shock was the only boy of a little of four, brother to Donatella, Isa and Prada own by Justine Romano. He's what you see, a lovely full of charisma handsome boy!! Lots of personality and very full of himself!!

Mi-Toi's Lady GaGa "GaGa"

GaGa is out of World Jr CH. Mi-Toi's Fame & Fortune Of Sirius and Barkens Pearl Jam. Shes a total package, very strong and stocky girl with the most sweetest face.

Mi-Toi's Bavisima "ISA"

Isa is also out of Bravo and Flurry. She's from a litter of four and every single one of them is making their parents very proud!! She's a spunky little girl always full of herself!!

Mi-Toi's Fashionista "Donatella"

Donatella is out of World Ch Cowboys Rio Bravo and Mi-Toi's Snowflurry shes a very out going girl, full of energy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Beautiful Paris!!